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Our seven-step pest prevention program controls all crawling insects for one full year.

Step 1:
Outside roach and ant baits: We set up these baits in select mulch sites, woodpiles, planting beds and other outlying areas of your yard.

Step 2:
Specially formulated granular repellents: We place these materials on the soil and in the shrubbery areas immediately adjacent to your home to drive pests away.

Step 3:

pest control services being performed on porch of home

A clear-drying liquid: We carefully apply this liquid repellent around windows, doors, eaves and other areas.

Step 4:
Baited granual: This material is put in the attic and the cracks and crevices found in your home to stop insects in their favorite hiding places and passageways.

Step 5:
A special granualer bait agent: We remove every accessible wall and light switch plate and inject this material in the spaces between walls, a favorite insect hiding place.

Step 6:
Roach and ant baits: These are placed inside your home under major appliances where roaches scurry in search of food or water.

pest control service in areas of the kitchen

Step 7:
A residual bait: This gum-based attractant is applied in out-of-the-way places, such as behind drawers and cabinets, to draw insects that have been inadvertently brought into your home or have managed to evade the other barriers.

We guarantee this 7-step program. If bugs come back during the contract period, we will, too -- at no additional charge!

If you are having a pest or rodent problem, please make sure that you contact us immediately.  If you’re interested learn more about our Orlando pest control program, fill out a form to schedule a free estimate here.

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